Student Minister (full-time)

Northside Christian Church is in search of a spiritually mature Christian man or woman to lead its Student Ministry (K-12). The ideal candidate will be:

  •       A seasoned Christ follower who is thoroughly grounded in the faith and committed to the Gospel.
  •       A college graduate, with at least a minor in biblical studies. (if no minor in Bible, candidate would need to have an exceptional grasp of the  Scripture and theology)
  •       Theologically conservative. (diety of Christ, exclusivity of Christ, authority and trustworthiness of all the Scripture, necessity of repentance       and baptism, literal return of Christ, judgment of a literal Hell for the lost)
  •       Experienced working with children and youth. (5 yrs)
  •       Able to work under the guidance of Eldership and in a team environment.
  •       Passionate about working with young people.
  •       Able to communicate with all ages, especially children and teens.
  •       Desiring a ministry, not a job.
  •       Looking to settle and make a home in a community for the purpose connecting and having maximum impact.
  •       Technologically adept.
  •       Able to organize group events.



Oversight of discipleship of all students. This will include:


Being the primary teacher of Middle/High School students, but alternate in order to connect with all students on an educational level.


Building an environment of learning that students enjoy and parents can see the value in taking the time to get their kids involved.


Building a teaching schedule that occasionally includes the Elder body, so as to foster a better pastoral connection in the church.


Recruiting, training, scheduling, and observing workers for each category of ministry and making necessary adjustments when needed. (This would be alongside the Senior Minister)


Planning local ministry outings for students to learn to serve others in various capacities.


Planning discipleship outings such as Camps and Conferences that create fellowship and growth among the students.


Planning occasional fundraisers within the church family, allowing the youth to serve.


Weekly communication with Senior Minister, Elder body, and parents about the status of the ministry and any concerns you may have. 


Encouraging and equipping families to be a part of their child’s spiritual development. (This will be with the help of the Elders and Sr. Minister)


Sending out weekly emails or texts as to what was covered, so parents can follow up on the subject matter at home.


Following up with a card, e-mail, or meal with every family with children, that visits NCC.


Participation in various calendar events that involve youth and children. (Upward Sports, Christmas programs, Egg hunt, Fall Festival)

  • Salary will be negotiated with the candidate in light of education and experience. Please send resume’ that includes references from most recent two churches served or were a member of, along with a link to audio or video, if available.