The peak

The PEAK is our midweek discipleship night as we come together for a meal at 6pm.

  • At 6:45 we break off into study groups that last about an hour.

  • ADULTS focus on practical and theological themes relating to the Christian life.

  • MERGE (Middle\High School students) engages in discipleship studies that focus on "merging" daily life with Christ and His Word. Often, boys and girls are separated in order to produce more discussion to their specific needs.

  • KID-MO (5K - grade 5) experiences the "Kids Travel Guide" through the Bible. Each week they work through their Travel Journal as their Scripture lesson leads them on excursions and adventures in truth. Along the way they learn fun facts and build souvenirs before praying their "Home Again Prayer".

  • Discipleship training

    Practical and theological studies offered throughout the calendar year for adults

  • Youth discipleship

    Practical and theological studies relavent to today's culture

  • children's discipleship - kidMO

    KIDMO contains strong Bible teaching, high-impact worship, interactive lesson review games, Bible memory challenges, small group breakouts and a comprehensive take home review. The blend of music, animation and live action engages kids and holds their attention.